Hawk (Cobra Kai) - 1.28" x 4" Vinyl Sticker!

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"Lemme let you in on a little secret. It's not just the haircut or the back tattoo...it's a way of life man!" - Hawk

This full color caricature vinyl sticker captures Cobra Kai's, Hawk.  Initially quiet and shy, Hawk captures the Cobra Kai essence after a new nickname, rad haircut, and over-the-top tattoo on his back.  Jason drew this finished digital illustration in Procreate on his iPad for your enjoyment.

    • 1.28” x 4” vinyl sticker with 1/8 inch white border
    • Custom sticker has special laminate that protects it from exposure to wind, rain, & sunlight
    • Suitable for laptops, water bottles, car windows/bumpers, snowboards, bathroom stalls…basically anywhere you want to stick ‘em!
    • Shipped flat in a heavy duty cardboard mailer