Cobra Kai - 11 x 14 Print!

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This rad full color caricature print captures my favorite characters from the comedy-drama series, Cobra Kai! 

"It's not lame-ass karate. It's Cobra Kai." - Miguel Diaz

Miguel is the neighbor and #1 student of former karate champion, Johnny Lawrence.

"Karate isn't all punching and kicking. It's actually more about balance." - Daniel LaRusso.

Daniel is the original "Karate Kid" thirty years after his initial training in the comedy-drama series, Cobra Kai.

"The best defense is more offense!" - Johnny Lawrence.

The out-of-date man-child Johnny Lawrence.  Johnny is holding his signature Coors Banquet beer.

"Lemme let you in on a little secret. It's not just the haircut or the back's a way of life man!" - Hawk

Initially quiet and shy, Hawk captures the Cobra Kai essence after a new nickname, new haircut, and over-the-top tattoo on his back. 

    • 11” x 14” matte stock print.
    • Signed by the artist.
    • Shipped flat in a heavy duty cardboard mailer.